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Hello and Welcome to our first blog! We are so happy that you’ve stopped by and get to know us a little bit more and our mission to spread our love of faux fur!  So you may be wondering, who exactly is FUREVER?

We’re a women’s outerwear and accessories brand that focuses on producing quality, handmade faux fur pieces for our beautiful fashionista’s to customize and wear.  FUREVER believes that the future of fashion is fur-free and this is why we created our cruelty-free line that give you the same glamorous look and feel of real fur, just not at the expense of an animal.

We have everyday essentials, from beautiful neutrals to vibrant statement colors to match your unique style and personality. By using only the highest quality fabrics, we have replicated the soft and supple textures of real fur, leaving your friends in awe when they realize your items are faux!

At the end of the day, our goal is to show women that faux fur can be a stunning and affordable alternative to the real thing, and by doing this we ultimately aid in the fight against factory fur farming and animal cruelty.

Our love for faux fur is furreal and our mission is to share this with you. Look your best at every opportunity – with FUREVER it’s guilt free!

Just because we love you, we wanted to give you a little something special.  Use the code “First10” on your first order with us and receive 10% OFF your favorite pieces.  We hope you love our faux furs as much as we do!


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