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We know how amazing our products are, but thats because we basically live in them!  Hear what our beautiful customers have to say about their very own FUREVER Faux Fur pieces and why they all fell in love...

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5 Reasons We Love Faux Fur and You Should Too!

5 Reasons We Love Faux Fur and You Should Too!

So, understandably we love everything about faux fur, but we feel that faux fur fashion brands are still pretty underrated.  This is why we’ve worked so hard to build a brand that we cherish and enjoy, and all we can hope is that you share the same feelings!

Still not convinced? Here's the Five Reasons We Love Faux Fur and hopefully we can persuade you to join us in spreading the joy of fake fur.

Luxury Fashion Brands Ditching Fur

With luxury fashion brands ditching fur, it’s no wonder the world has taken a turn towards compassionate fashion and going cruelty free.

A fur-free future is ahead of us.  With recent shifts from the largest fashion houses such as Versace and Gucci taking a new stance on their use of fur, it marks a powerful message towards their commitment to animal rights.

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