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Welcome to our Faux Fur Blog where we discuss all things Faux Fur!  Whether it's styling tips & tricks, sustainability or a little bit of history on the fur trade and why we are so passionate about faux fur, we wanted to make a space thats dedicated to education and awareness on our favorite product in the world - Enjoy!

5 Reasons We Love Faux Fur and You Should Too!

5 Reasons We Love Faux Fur and You Should Too!

So, understandably we love everything about faux fur, but we feel that faux fur fashion brands are still pretty underrated.  This is why we’ve worked so hard to build a brand that we cherish and enjoy, and all we can hope is that you share the same feelings!

Still not convinced? Here's the Five Reasons We Love Faux Fur and hopefully we can persuade you to join us in spreading the joy of fake fur.

Luxury Fashion Brands Ditching Fur

With luxury fashion brands ditching fur, it’s no wonder the world has taken a turn towards compassionate fashion and going cruelty free.

A fur-free future is ahead of us.  With recent shifts from the largest fashion houses such as Versace and Gucci taking a new stance on their use of fur, it marks a powerful message towards their commitment to animal rights.

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fashionable lady sitting in chair wearing ripped jeans and an amsterdam mint faux fur vest

4 Faux Fur Vest Outfits to Try This Season

We’re all familiar with that crisp fall weather; a bit too warm for a jacket, but cool enough for that extra layer. This is why a faux fur vest could be your winter style saviour!

Vests can be tricky to style, we know. They can feel a little bulky and awkward, but they’re the easiest look to try out, layering with almost anything from floaty dresses to leather pants, jeans, leggings and more.

Still stuck?  Here’s 4 Faux Fur Vest Outfits to Try This Season!

Faux Fur or Real Fur

Let's be honest, we all love the look and feel of real fur.  But we also know the truth behind the immense cruelty that animals go through in order to be turned into a fur coat.

The fashion industry's debate of Faux Fur or Real Fur is a longstanding one, with both sides fighting for decades over their views.  Pro-Faux Fur organizations view corporate greed, unethical business practices and cruelty against animals as an unnecessary business choice, whereas the International Fur Trade organizations claim their business model is sustainable and ‘natural’.

two models standing next to each other with one girl wearing furever faux fur and the other wearing real fur
Celebrities Who Are Against Real Fur

Celebrities Who Are Against Real Fur

In recent years, wearing real fur has become a faux pa, with society deeming it cruel and unjust.  Celebrities who are against real fur are some of the best advocates for the cause as they use their social media and various platforms to fight for the animals kept in factory fur farms.

Here's a list of Celebrities against real fur:

Faux Fur Fabric Guide and Color Chart

At FUREVER, we want to offer you as much customization as possible when choosing your favorite faux fur coats and vests, and our Faux Fur Fabric Guide is the key to help you achieve the perfect piece!

We only use the most luxurious faux fur fabrics available in the market to ensure that your own unique style, personality and taste shines as bright as you. 

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Who is FUREVER Faux Fur?

Hello and Welcome to our first blog! We are so happy that you’ve stopped by and get to know us a little bit more and our mission to spread our love of faux fur!  So you may be wondering, who exactly is FUREVER Faux Fur?